We belong to a tight knit group that helps you reach your health and fitness goals and be better than yesterday.

CrossFit is infinitely scalable.  We can scale and modify movements and intensity to meet individual needs and to create change. Each of our members begins at their own level and reaches his or her optimum potential using CrossFit as a common method. We truly believe that CrossFit is for everyone – whether you are an elite athlete looking to improve in a sport, or a grandmother looking to stay healthy – we look forward to working with you toward your goals.

Workout of the Day

5-8 mins general mobility work. Shoulders, spine, leg mobility.
*PVC and Resistance Band Stretching. Barbell Roll w/partner.
Back Rack Lunge (6x8)
Performed as an 12 minute EMOM:

Odd Rounds: 8 Back Rack Lunges (L/R=2) - choose weight you can move efficiently with chest and back tight.
Even Rounds: 30 second weighted wall sit: hold plate on legs.
Metcon (AMRAP - Rounds and Reps)
15 min AMRAP

100 Dubs
50 Abmats
50 RKBS (53/35)
50 Box Step ups with Medball (20/14)
Rx+: Medball abmats, (62/44)
Every 6 min x 5
400 m Row
100 Dubs
15 Burpees
*Rest in remaining time

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CrossFit Journal: The Performance-Based Lifestyle Resource

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